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"Currently 1 in 68 children in the United States is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a life-long neurodevelopmental disorder. That means that almost every child in the US attends school with a peer with ASD, attends an extra-curricular (e.g., Scouts or sports) with a child with ASD, or attends religious school with a child with ASD.


Although the prevalence of ASD has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, knowledge about ASD in the general public has not. 


Helping adults learn more about ASD and providing them with appropriate information to share with children is an important first step in creating a society that values, supports, and respects people with ASD and other disabilities." 

University of Washington, Ilene Schwartz, Special Educator, Autism

Ilene Schwartz, PhD, BCBA-D

University of Washington

Dr. Ilene Schwartz is a professor in the Area of Special Education at the University of Washington and the Director of the Haring Center for Research and Training in Education at UW.  

Dr. Schwartz's full bio can found here.

autism, asd, SEL, social-emotional learning

"Meet the A-Team is a lovely book for children and adults that explains ASD in a manner that is accurate, interesting, and engaging. While providing information about ASD, Ms. Butorac introduces us to five children with ASD who bring their individual strengths, areas of need, preferences, and quirks with them to school every day. These children help all of us learn more about what ASD is

Meet the A Team Cover 2021.jpg

and how it affects children at school and in the community. I am so happy to meet the A-Team and I look forward to sharing this book with my students and their families."

"I have worked with Courtney Butorac, the author of the "A-Team Presents..." book series, for many years, and am so thrilled to see these books in print. As a special educator, I struggled with finding appropriate materials and teaching tools when running social skills groups for young children with autism and related disabilities.

Meet the A Team Cover 2021.jpg

The first book in the series - "Meet the A-Team" - enables teachers and parents to explain autism and related disabilities in a developmentally appropriate, child-friendly way. The illustrations are adorable and kids will identify with the characters, their struggles, and their successes.

I am excited to share this book with my graduate students, see it in teachers' classrooms, and families' bookshelves. We need more resources like this to explain differences and promote inclusive settings."

University of Washington, Ariane Gauvreau, Special Educator, Autism

Ariane Gauvreau, PhD, BCBA-D

Lead Coach and Teaching Associate in Special Education

University of Washington. 

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