Meet the A-Team

Meet Alex and his friends Max, Lily, Bella and Jack who are all members of the A-team. “A” stands for Awesome and also Autism.  Each member of the A-team has Autism, but they are all different!  


Join Alex as he helps us understand Autism. Learn more about the strengths and challenges of Alex and his fellow A-team members. Participate each week in A-team meetings, led by their teacher Ms. Corina. Learn how Ms. Corina helps the members of the A-team address various social skill challenges. Review strategies, steps and actions to proactively address common social skill challenges, such as: compromising, being too silly, being too bossy, being flexible, dealing with losing and more. See how Ms. Corina uses Top Secret Mission cards to outline key steps and strategies that can increase success with school, work and friendships. 


This book is an introduction to the “A Team Presents…” social learning book series and curriculum. The series helps classroom and resources teachers proactively develop social skills as well as deal with a range of common issues. 


Notably, while this introduction book for the “A Team Presents…” series introduces and discusses Autism, the rest of the books in the series don’t mention Autism explicitly. After this Introduction book, each book unfolds from the perspective of one of the A-team members. Each one focuses on a specific social skill, without mentioning Autism. Parents, teachers and administrators will find these books to be an invaluable resource for teaching social skills to ALL students, with or without Autism. 

Meet the A-Team