What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?
It is a way in which children gain a better understanding of their emotions through explicit learning of strategies and intentional reflection. This, in turn, helps to massively improve their social skills as they become more...

October 12, 2017

Recently I have had awesome experiences with my students and my book characters.  After reading “Meet the A-Team” with one of my 4th graders, he asked if he was one of the book characters, Max.  I asked if he liked that idea.  He responded with a resounding, “Yes!”  I...

10 Reasons Why “A” is for Awesome AND Autism! 

A few of our favorite things about working with our awesome learners with ASD...

1. Sometimes they are the only people to say exactly how it is

Learners with autism can often be very literal, and as a result might not compreh...

We are delighted to share that Ilene Schwartz, BCBA-D has supported and endorsed our work!

In addition to being a published author, Dr. Ilene Schwartz is a professor in the Area of Special Education at the University of Washington and the Director of the Haring Center...

Meet Alex and his friends Max, Lily, Bella and Jack who are all members of the A-team. “A” stands for Awesome and also Autism. Each member of the A-team has Autism, but they are all different!  

Join Alex as he helps us understand Autism. Learn more about the...

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